Oxbridge 2011 is Approaching!

Save the Date for Oxbridge 2011!

Paradigms of Hope: Transcending Chaos & Transforming Culture
July 26 – August 4, 2011

Every three years the C.S. Lewis Foundation sponsors large conferences in Oxford and Cambridge where renowned Christian leaders, intellectuals, and musicians gather together to talk about the relation of their faith to the theme of the conference.  Next year Oxbridge will be held again, and we encourage you to start planning now to attend!

One thought on “Oxbridge 2011 is Approaching!

  1. Donna Eckhoff

    Please e-mail me all information about the CS Lewis Summer Institute, Oxbridge 2011. The desire of my heart is to attend, be influenced and to influence, to love God with all of my heart and mind. Donna Eckhoff
    Thank you for your time…I have read much of his writings & thank God that he wrestled with God, in print, he bears his mind and soul.

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