An Interview with Kirk Manton

Steve Elmore: I have personally had the pleasure of knowing Kirk Manton and working alongside him managing our various retreats, conferences, and institutes for six years now. Kirk truly has a servant’s heart and a gift for leading and mentoring others.He’s had an even longer association with the Foundation as a volunteer in various capacities before […]

Power Outage Update

Update on the power situation. On Monday, May 20, a power transformer exploded near the Foundation’s office, and the entire block lost power around 3:00 pm.  Edison responded and power was restored on Tuesday.  However, the Verizon equipment (our internet and phone provider) was damaged as a result of the power surge from the explosion. […]

Listen to Foundation Intern Walter Cabal’s Album and Interview

C.S. Lewis Foundation intern Walter Cabal was recently interviewed by The Press Enterprise. In between assisting with the Foundation’s website and working at the UC Riverside library, Walter also is a professional singer-songwriter. His debut album, Between Lines, was released in 2012, and garnered much praise around Southern California. In October, he was nominated Musician […]