C.S. Lewis on the Web – March 15, 2013

Alister McGrath’s recent biography of C.S. Lewis has received notice around the internet since its release.  There have been several biographies of C.S. Lewis, but McGrath’s has captured more mainstream attention, and was given a very positive review in the Washington Post.  The reviewer recommends the book as a good biography, and a good place […]

New Book Collects Accounts from Those Influenced by C.S. Lewis

Andrew Lazo, a close friend and much valued contributor to the C.S. Lewis Foundation, and Marion E. Wade Center docent Mary Anne Phemister have gathered an amazing collection of stories of how C. S. Lewis continues to radically change people’s lives.  In their new book, Mere Christians: Inspiring Encounters with C. S. Lewis, (released 2/12/2009 […]