C.S. Lewis on the Web – March 15, 2013

mcgrath lewisAlister McGrath’s recent biography of C.S. Lewis has received notice around the internet since its release.  There have been several biographies of C.S. Lewis, but McGrath’s has captured more mainstream attention, and was given a very positive review in the Washington Post.  The reviewer recommends the book as a good biography, and a good place to start for people interested in Lewis’s life.

In a similar vein, mathematician and author John Lennox was featured in a video, recounting what he remembered about C.S. Lewis when he taught at Cambridge.  The short clip paints Lewis as a humorous lecturer.

Back to McGrath’s biography.  One of the things given much attention in the book is McGrath’s redating of Lewis’s conversion to 1930, rather than 1929.  We recently posted an article linking to Andrew Lazo’s blog, where he made a similar case but with additional textual support.  Over at First Things magazine, a few articles were posted in response to this research.  First, Greg Forster expressed skepticism about the redating, followed by Mischa Willett (a friend of the C.S. Lewis Foundation) who replied to Forster and argued in favor of McGrath.