Ayn Rand Was Not a Fan of C.S. Lewis

Ayn Rand, the famous proponent of Objectivism, apparently did not like C.S. Lewis very much.  A compilation of her writings, entitled Ayn Rand’s Marginalia: Her critical comments on the writings of over 20 authors, includes her comments and criticisms of other writers, including Lewis and his popular book on ethics, The Abolition of Man. First Things Magazine […]

C.S. Lewis on the Web – March 15, 2013

Alister McGrath’s recent biography of C.S. Lewis has received notice around the internet since its release.  There have been several biographies of C.S. Lewis, but McGrath’s has captured more mainstream attention, and was given a very positive review in the Washington Post.  The reviewer recommends the book as a good biography, and a good place […]

“Religion and Rocketry”

Along with fantasy (as was covered in a blog post not too long ago), C.S. Lewis was no stranger to the genre of science fiction.  His interest in the potential connections between sci-fi and religion spanned not only his novels (notably the Space Trilogy) but also his nonfiction.  He wrote an essay–Religion and Rocketry (which […]