“Religion and Rocketry”


Along with fantasy (as was covered in a blog post not too long ago), C.S. Lewis was no stranger to the genre of science fiction.  His interest in the potential connections between sci-fi and religion spanned not only his novels (notably the Space Trilogy) but also his nonfiction.  He wrote an essay–Religion and Rocketry (which can be found in “The World’s Last Night and Other Essays”)–concerning the relationship of Christianity to space exploration.

Science fiction and Christianity may seem like strange companions to some, but here is an article from First Things magazine, entitled “Science Friction,” by Robert R. Chase concerning their–he argues–very natural correlation:

The article can be found here.

The basis of the article is an exchange between C.S. Lewis and science fiction luminary Arthur C. Clark, concerning Lewis’ rendering of a character named Professor Weston in Perelandra.