Ayn Rand Was Not a Fan of C.S. Lewis

Ayn_RandAyn Rand, the famous proponent of Objectivism, apparently did not like C.S. Lewis very much.  A compilation of her writings, entitled Ayn Rand’s Marginalia: Her critical comments on the writings of over 20 authors, includes her comments and criticisms of other writers, including Lewis and his popular book on ethics, The Abolition of Man.

First Things Magazine has reprinted the excerpts on their blog, First Thoughts.  Rand’s condemnation of Lewis ranges from casual dismissal to bursts of vitriol.  Readers are forewarned that most of the comments are insults directed at passages or Lewis himself, including calling him a “monstrosity,” “an old fool,” and a “cheap, driveling non-entity.”

Lewis probably would not have approved of the level of venom, but he probably would not have liked Rand’s philosophy much either.  The interesting thing is that Lewis tends to provoke strong emotions in the people who read him–whether in admiration or condemnation.  What is it about Lewis that prompts such reactions?

One thought on “Ayn Rand Was Not a Fan of C.S. Lewis

  1. Campbell Snow

    Without going into the details of this particular situation – the most common cause of dislike is pure and simple jealousy.

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