C.S. Lewis Around the Web – April 4, 2013

Shortly after we posted Lancia Smith’s interview with Andrew Lazo yesterday, yet another fascinating interview became available.  This time, Lancia interviews prolific author Alister McGrath about his recent biography of C.S. Lewis, entitled C.S. Lewis: A Life.  The first portion of the interview, which covers McGrath’s research into Lewis’s life, his opinion on the recent […]

“Among the Oxen”: A Reflection on C.S. Lewis’ Christmas Poetry

As December progresses, the most familiar rhymes of the season start popping out everywhere:  radio waves and shopping malls are filled with the strains of carols, mailboxes are flooded with cards full of short Christmas poems, and “’Twas The Night Before Christmas” is read out loud in homes across the world.  The topics of these […]