C.S. Lewis Around the Web – April 4, 2013

Westminster Abbey
C.S. Lewis will be honored with a place in Poet’s Corner at Westminster Abbey

Shortly after we posted Lancia Smith’s interview with Andrew Lazo yesterday, yet another fascinating interview became available.  This time, Lancia interviews prolific author Alister McGrath about his recent biography of C.S. Lewis, entitled C.S. Lewis: A Life.  The first portion of the interview, which covers McGrath’s research into Lewis’s life, his opinion on the recent re-dating of Lewis’s conversion, and also his discover of a letter in which C.S. Lewis nominated J.R.R. Tolkien for the Nobel Prize, can be read here.

The second part of the interview can be found here.  McGrath also recorded a video interview at the Kilns, where he spoke about his biography.

C.S. Lewis was no stranger to grief and pain. Adversity was familiar to him throughout his life–his mother died when he was young, his friend was killed in World War I (and he was wounded himself), and of course there is the tragic story of the death of his wife, Joy.  An article in the Australian Christian Today was published several weeks ago, analyzing Lewis’s theology of pain through his poetry.

Concerning Lewis’s poetry, and for Lewis fans in England, there will a C.S. Lewis event at The King’s Centre in Norwich on May 2nd.  Hymn-writer Lex Loizides and actor John Carson will tell the story of Lewis’ passion as a poet and unearth some of his greatest poems.  There will be another similar event in Cambridge on May 1.

Lastly, this year commemorates the 50th anniversary of Lewis’s death, and so memorial efforts have been springing up around the world.  We at the C.S. Lewis Foundation are holding several events this year to commemorate Lewis’s legacy. Impressively, Lewis will also be honored with a place in the famous Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey.  Not to be left out, Lewis’s birthplace of Belfast is currently planning suitable events to celebrate him as well.