My Time in Narnia: The C.S. Lewis Retreat at Camp Allen

Crystal  Sullivan Hurd kindly gave us permission to repost a blog post she wrote after attending the 2012 C.S. Lewis Retreat in Navasota, Texas.  The original post appeared on her blog and can be found at At the conclusion of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Lucy and Aslan have an important exchange: “Oh Aslan,” said […]

Holly Ordway’s Inspiration at Camp Allen

For a CS Lewis fan, what could be better than three days holed up in a beautiful retreat center in the Texas piney woods, sharing in fellowship and conversation with like-minded folks? Answer: nothing!

Rather than walk through all the events of a very, very busy four days (I arrived on the Thursday and left on the Sunday), I will pull out a few highlights of the 2010 CS Lewis Retreat, starting with Malcolm Guite and ending with the C.S. Lewis College!