Back from Narnia

Gregory Pyne kindly gave us permission to repost a blog post  about his experience at the 2012 C.S. Lewis Retreat in Navasota, Texas.  The original post appeared on his blog “Wandering Tree” at “Friendship exhibits a glorious ‘nearness by resemblance’ to Heaven itself where the very multitude of the blessed (which no man can number) increases […]

A Christmas Thank You from Stan & Jean Mattson

Less than two weeks ago, well over five hundred friends and fellow worshippers, from near and far, were gathered together in Northfield, Massachusetts, to celebrate our Lord’s birth in an extraordinary candlelight service of Lessons and Carols, in the beautifully restored Russell Sage Chapel on the future campus of C.S. Lewis College. As carols and […]

New Article in Fortune About Hobby Lobby and C.S. Lewis College

An article was just released in the November 1st issue of Fortune about Hobby Lobby and its purchase of the Northfield Campus for the founding of C.S. Lewis College. The issue, which just hit newsstands this Monday, details the Green family’s/Hobby Lobby’s charitable giving, featuring its relationship with C.S. Lewis College and other Christian educational organizations. The article should […]

Featured Performers for Vacation With a Purpose Include Noel Paul Stookey

Now Announcing the speakers and performers for Vacation With a Purpose!  We are especially excited to report that Noel Paul Stookey, of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame, will be joining us there.  Along with him, other performers will include: Noel Paul Stookey, singer songwriter (“Paul” of the folk music group Peter, Paul, and Mary) Michael […]