A Christmas Thank You from Stan & Jean Mattson

Less than two weeks ago, well over five hundred friends and fellow worshippers, from near and far, were gathered together in Northfield, Massachusetts, to celebrate our Lord’s birth in an extraordinary candlelight service of Lessons and Carols, in the beautifully restored Russell Sage Chapel on the future campus of C.S. Lewis College.

As carols and hymns of praise were lifted up amid the readings of scripture – readings full of prophetic promise and accounts of their historic fulfillment under the most unlikely of circumstances – one could not but stand in awe at the wonder of it all.

As a reader declared the opening words of the account read from Luke 2, “And it came to pass, in those days…,” I could not help but sense deeply that we ourselves, here and now, were also privileged to witness and experience the miracle of God’s continued outpouring of His great grace, even “in these days” – in our own time.

Truly, for us, “the glory of the Lord shone round about” us, and we, as were the shepherds and the wise men in their time, were humbled and moved to cry “Gloria!”

It is important to note that we too are still very much in the early stages and have many challenges to overcome before we can properly celebrate the full founding of C.S. Lewis College.

But that said, we can hardly allow this season to pass without properly thanking you for your good company and welcome support and encouragement along this Pilgrim Way. It has made, and is making, all the difference!!!

And for this, we do most sincerely thank you and extend to you every blessing of this special Christmas season and for the years to come.

Yours for the journey,

Stan and Jean