“The Eternal C.S. Lewis: Now More Than Ever”

Addison's Walk
Photo of Addison's Walk, Magdalen College, Oxford. Copyright Lancia Smith & the C.S. Lewis Foundation

Oxbridge 2011 alumnus, Tom O’Boyle, has just written an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette describing his experience this summer visiting the places in Oxford that are connected to C.S. Lewis’s life and faith.

Here’s an excerpt of “The Eternal C.S. Lewis: Now More Than Ever”:

Lewis’ change of heart was so dramatic as to suggest (to me at least) a providential hand — that God had a plan for C.S. Lewis that until the midpoint of his life had not yet been revealed.

Simply put, this may have been the plan: “I will put your considerable intellect and inquiring mind to great use as a defender of the faith rather than as the doubting skeptic you have been.”

His conversion set in motion significant events for world literature and for his new career in the second half of his life as arguably the leading explainer of Christianity in the 20th century.

As a former journalist, I found this extraordinary story too compelling to ignore. Desperate to know more, I persuaded my wife Louise to join me on a summer jaunt to England. The venue was a wonderful event held every third year in Oxford and Cambridge, the “C.S. Lewis Summer Institute.” That is where our search for C.S. Lewis begins.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11240/1170132-109.stm#ixzz1WRkMDqV9

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