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“An Inner Voice: Hearing C.S. Lewis Anew Through His Poetry”

CS Lewis’s first, longest and deepest literary ambition was to be a poet. and this November he will be honored with a place in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey. Though he only published two volumes of poetry, he carried on writing poetry throughout his life, and a fine collection was published after his death. In that poetry we sometimes hear his most inner and personal voice. This session will guide you through some of Lewis best and most intimate poetry and explore what his unique poetic voice adds to the full picture of his Vision and Vocation. There will be handouts with copies of all the poems we will look at in detail.


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Anglican priest, Chaplain & Fellow, Girton College, Cambridge, Guite teaches Literature and Pastoral Theology for the Cambridge Federation of Theological Colleges. He is involved with a number of projects linking theology and the arts, and has published poetry, literary criticism and theology in various journals. His books include Beholding the Glory and What Do Christians Believe? He contributed to The Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis. His newest collection of poetry, Sounding the Seasons, was released this year.  Last year Malcolm worked with artist Steve Bell on his newest album Keening for the Dawn. As founder of the rock band, Mystery Train, he writes lyrics and performs on guitar and vocals.


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