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C.S. Lewis Summer Institute at Oxbridge
July 26 — August 3, 2011

Paradigms of Hope
Transcending Chaos & Transforming Culture


Afternoon Seminars & Workshops


BC-07  — Capturing Hope, Beauty and Truth: Sketching in CS Lewis’ World

Gail Ward

I read recently that if you can sign your name the same way more than once, you can draw. Having taught well over 300 students to draw, I can tell you that this is true. Have you noticed that the very first words of the Scripture are “In the beginning God created…”?  We are made to create beauty and truth and to find great joy in the process. Our time together in these two beautiful cities will foster that joy. Workshops will include a time of learning how to see and draw the way artists do and then lots of time to sketch. They are designed for all skill levels from total beginners to professionals. You will be provided with basics like a sketchbook and some drawing pencils ($16.50 materials fee), but there are also very good art supply stores in both cities if you want to paint. There will probably be the eating of baked goods involved. I’m like that.


Gail Ward Gail WardVisual artist. She trained as both an art historian and visual artist at Vanderbilt University and earned a Master’s degree from Peabody College of Vanderbilt. Having taught art classes for high school students for 18 years, she is now in the process of starting The Kelmscott Open Studio and Gallery in Franklin, Tennessee as a spot where young artists can rent affordable studio space, show their work in a gallery, be mentored, find community, and eat homemade soup and bread.



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