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C.S. Lewis Summer Institute at Oxbridge
July 26 — August 3, 2011

Paradigms of Hope
Transcending Chaos & Transforming Culture


Afternoon Seminars & Workshops


OX-04 — C.S. Lewis as a Mentor to Pastors

Earl Palmer

These two sessions will focus on C. S. Lewis as a Christian, a writer, a lay theologian and a storyteller. We will explore Lewis' legacy in two capacities, as a lay theologian and apologist, and as a model of the storyteller we want to be.  In all these ways, Lewis continues to serve as a mentor to us as pastors and teachers of the Christian faith. Using Lewis' written works, we will explore his role in these capacities to help reflect upon and understand our own roles as pastors and Church leaders. As your seminar facilitator I will lecture on each theme, and will welcome the engagement and discussion of these themes from the seminar participants.



Earl Palmer Earl Palmer Speaker and author.  Recently retired after 15 years as Senior Pastor of University Presbyterian Church, Seattle, WA, Palmer had, prior to that, served as senior minister of First Presbyterian Church, Berkeley, CA for 21 years.  Since retiring from pastoral teaching, he has devoted his energies to Earl Palmer Ministries, which focuses on encouraging pastors and laity in both discipleship and service as followers of Jesus Christ in today’s world. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Princeton Theological Seminary, of Regent College, Vancouver, B.C., and of New College Berkeley, CA.  He has authored nearly two dozen books, including many commentaries on various books of the Bible.  Most recently, he completed his role as Preaching Pastor-in-Residence at The National Presbyterian Church in Washington DC.



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