C.S. Lewis Academic Roundtable

The C.S. Lewis Academic Roundtable is a small community of interdisciplinary scholarly engagement and discussion within the broader context of various C.S. Lewis Foundation events.

The Roundtable generally consists of 9-12 selected scholars from various fields, and may be expanded to a second section if the maximum of twelve participants is exceeded.

Each member is scheduled to read his or her paper to the Roundtable for discussion and feedback during one of the Roundtable sessions.  2-3 papers will be read per session.

All papers by Roundtable members are of such a length as to be read within a 20-minute time frame.  All papers are scholarly in nature, with the author’s unique thesis clearly set within the context of existing scholarship on the subject matter.

Each member of the Roundtable is expected to commit fully to membership in the Roundtable, attending all sessions and participating in the discussion and feedback on the papers of all the other members of the Roundtable.  Participation in this small, focused, interdisciplinary community yields a rewarding and genuinely collegial experience.

Information on upcoming events, of which the Academic Roundtable may be a part, can be found here.