Announcing the Future Home of C.S. Lewis College!

At long last!  It’s difficult to believe, after so extended a journey, but the truth is, we are about to take a major step forward towards the long-awaited goal of establishing C.S. Lewis College.

It pleases me greatly to inform you that a news conference was held today in Northfield, Massachusetts announcing the purchase of the campus for the use of C.S. Lewis College by Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

Located in the greater Amherst area of northern Massachusetts, just east of the Connecticut River, the campus is the beautiful and historic former sight of Dwight L. Moody’s Northfield Seminary for Young Women (later, the Northfield Mount Hermon School).  NMH recently consolidated their operations onto their Mount Hermon campus, located five miles away.

For details on this rather extraordinary development, including the press release, announcement videos, and photos of the campus, visit

We invite you to rejoice with us on this joyous occasion, taking place most appropriately in this Advent season.

“Further up and further in!”,

J. Stanley Mattson
Founder and President
C.S. Lewis Foundation

4 thoughts on “Announcing the Future Home of C.S. Lewis College!

  1. Jackie Reed

    To Dr. Mattson and All the C.S. Lewis Foundation Family – I am so very thrilled to hear about the future home of the C.S. Lewis College! Congratulations to everyone who has poured his or her heart, body and soul into working to make this happen. Although now teaching in Japan, I avidly follow the Foundation and hope to visit the college once it is open. Thank you for all your diligent work (and for inspiring so many of us around the world!) … may God bless each of you.
    Jackie (currently in Japan) but hoping to make it to the next Oxbridge :)

  2. Russ Reeves

    Congratulations on this major achievement, and may God bless your work developing the new college.

    Russ Reeves
    Academic Dean
    Providence Christian College

  3. David Hallowell

    Congratulations and praise God. The site looks beautiful, and the setting appears more than appropriately serene for the life of the mind to flourish. This is an incredibly exciting development both for all who love the spirit of Lewis’ work, as well as for those of us who are deeply concerned with the paucity of high-quality educational institutions in the United States that take the whole person into account in the substance of their curriculum. I do not doubt that my one-year old daughter’s future world will be a little brighter as a direct result of CS Lewis College’s contribution to the restoration of our world.

  4. Josh Shaine

    Congratulations on your acquisition of the Northfield campus. As an NMH alum, I am excited to see the property being used for higher education. As an educator, I am excited at the prospect of a new college program’s coming into being.

    My hope is that your institution will bring C.S. Lewis’s sense of adventure and experimentation into the collegiate program!

    I wish you, individually and collectively, all the best in this endeavor!

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