Around the Blogosphere

Several of our friends in the blogsphere have been writing about recent events held by the C.S. Lewis Foundation.

The Kilns, Oxford, England

Resident Director Dr. Debbie Higgens

Dr. Debbie Higgens, our Resident Director at the Kilns, has been keeping a blog documenting her stay in C.S. Lewis’s home.  She recounts, among other things, the nature walks around Oxford, the once a month work day for the C.S. Lewis Nature Preserve, visits from Walter Hooper and Michael Ward, as well as preparation for Christmas at the Kilns.


Matt and Rachel Dee

Also writing about the Kilns, Matt and Rachel Dee have mentioned us in a blog post about the Christmas party at the Kilns.  The blog details their stay at Lewis’s home, as well as an extremely appropriate dessert they shared with the rest of the visitors at C.S. Lewis’s home.  According to their site, they’re “newlyweds who live in Oxford, England. He’s an Oxford student. I’m an Oxford-student’s-wife. Hope you enjoy reading about our adventures across the pond!”


Southwest Regional Retreat

Lancia Smith

In October, the C.S. Lewis Foundation held the annual Southwest Regional Retreat (or Camp Allen) in Texas.  One of our longtime friends, Lancia Smith, recounted her wonderful experiences in her own blog.  You can read about the conference, and the music played there, here.