C.S. Lewis on the Web – April 17, 2012

"The Mind of C.S.Lewis-A Wardrobe of Imagination" by Jim Hutchinson - part of "A Walk with C.S. Lewis" Exhibition currently at the Arlington Museum of Art. Image courtesy: faithartists.com

Mentions of C.S. Lewis have been appearing frequently on the Internet over the last week. Here are a few:


Arlington Museum of Art hosts exhibition titled A Walk with C.S. Lewis, a collection of paintings inspired by the work of C.S. Lewis.  For more information, you can visit the museum’s website or sponsor  Faith Artists’s website.

Lewis mentioned in article relating to the role of sehnsucht in the work of recently deceased painter Thomas Kinkade.


Chuck Colson Update

Our dear friend, alumnus, and C.S. Lewis College charter board member, Chuck Colson, remains in recovery. Here’s an update from The Christian Post.


Essay contest

The Center for the Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame is offering 10 C.S. Lewis Essay Prizes of $3,000 each ” for essays published in popular venues that present the state of the art or make new progress on the topics funded through the Problem of Evil in Modern and Contemporary Thought project during the 2010-2013 academic years.” Here’s some more from their site:

Essays must be at least 1,000 words in length and must be published in a popular, non-academic publication with a circulation of at least 12,000. Publications can be religious in orientation (e.g., Christianity Today, First Things, Christian Century) or secular (e.g., Harper’s, Times Literary Supplement, The National Review, The Atlantic). Selected online publications will also be considered (e.g. Slate.com). Essayists are encouraged to consult with the Center’s director to determine the suitability of a proposed venue for prize eligibility.



Production of Freud’s Last Session is still running strong, now in Chicago.