Listen to Foundation Intern Walter Cabal’s Album and Interview

C.S. Lewis Foundation intern Walter Cabal was recently interviewed by The Press Enterprise. In between assisting with the Foundation’s website and working at the UC Riverside library, Walter also is a professional singer-songwriter. His debut album, Between Lines, was released in 2012, and garnered much praise around Southern California. In October, he was nominated Musician

Artists Call for Revival in Christian Art

For the majority of its existence, Christianity has deeply informed the Western artistic tradition through the works of renowned painters, classical composers, and authors.  This much is obvious to any high school Art History, Music, or Literature student. Christianity has proven to be foundational to the creation of Michelangelo’s David and The Creation of Adam,

Entertaining Commencement

The following piece was written by Cherie Harder, President of the Trinity Forum, as well as Afternoon Seminar leader for the C.S. Lewis Summer Institute 2011.  She has graciously allowed us to re-post her article here. Entertaining Commencement In the midst of this graduation season, it is timely to consider one of the more interesting