Christian Artists Seminar This August in the Netherlands

The folks behind the Christian Artists Seminar have asked us to post the following information about their conference in the Netherlands in August:

Christian Artists Seminar, where talent & experience merge

From the  1st till the 6th of  August it is time for an all new Christian Artists Seminar again! This seminar will be held for the 29th time this year and will take place in Doorn, the Netherlands. It is an international seminar with participants and teachers from all over Europe, who together experience more than 40 performances and 80 workshops.

Every year takes a big investment in new teachers and artists to make the Christian Artists Seminar a very special seminar, a seminar where you can learn, experience and meet. The artists and teachers will perform and present themselves to inspire a new generation full of talent and to inspire all everyone involved in the arts. That’s why we will see new artists like Sharon Kips (winner of the Dutch X factor competition) but also returning artists like Jason Carter and Springs Dance Company.

All new this year is the special project of the Swedish artist Ingemar Olsson, the musical mass ‘Cry for life’ which will be performed at the end of the seminar by the participants of this special workshop. Also the workshop hours are prolonged to provide our participants even more time to learn.

Returning this year is the possibility for all visual artists to participate in the CA exposition and the possibility for participants in the area of dance and music to perform on the future stage. Professionals will help you and give you advice. A stimulating experience.

During the seminar we will take a special interest in talking about and discussing the economical crisis. The crisis also has an effect on the creative industry, that’s why we have invited some professionals and experts to help us and discuss this problem.

Are you a student, professional or a beginner in the music, theater, performing or visual arts? You are all invited! We also want to make it possible for anyone to join, that’s why we offer a special price when you stay on our camping site instead of the hotel. Register now and experience the seminar where talent & experience merge.

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