Weekly Round Up of Stories – June 17

There are several articles and events of interest to point out this week. Note: the C.S. Lewis does not endorse the events or articles listed below; rather, we endeavor to point out those dealing with issues that may be of interest to our readers.

On the relationship between reason and faith:

“Reason vs. Faith: the Battle Continues” by Richard Wolin

On the separation of church and state:

“Free Market Faith,” an interview with the writers of the new book “God is Back: How the Revival of Religion is Changing the World”


STORY Conference in Chicago: October 28-29th. A conference for those who communicate the gospel. Win a trip to The Kilns – enter the sweepstakes on their site!

New York C.S. Lewis Society’s 40th Anniversary Weekend.  August 7,8,9, 2009 with Joseph Pearce, Christopher Mitchell, Joseph Koterski, and James Como.