C.S. Lewis College in Massachusetts News Article

C.S. Lewis College was recently mentioned in an article for the website masslive, which runs news on Massachusetts.  The article discusses how Franklin County and, in particular, Greenfield are rebuilding in the wake of the recent economic downturn.  Greenfield Community College and C.S. Lewis College are cited as examples of positive growth in the county,

Get Mugged!

The C.S. Lewis College Founders campaign is well underway, and we have joyously welcomed over 260 new Founders since we began this September! As a small gift to new Founders, we have now received our first big shipment of C.S. Lewis College mugs and are currently shipping them. We invite you to signal your support

A Christmas Thank You from Stan & Jean Mattson

Less than two weeks ago, well over five hundred friends and fellow worshippers, from near and far, were gathered together in Northfield, Massachusetts, to celebrate our Lord’s birth in an extraordinary candlelight service of Lessons and Carols, in the beautifully restored Russell Sage Chapel on the future campus of C.S. Lewis College. As carols and

Holly Ordway’s Inspiration at Camp Allen

For a CS Lewis fan, what could be better than three days holed up in a beautiful retreat center in the Texas piney woods, sharing in fellowship and conversation with like-minded folks? Answer: nothing! Rather than walk through all the events of a very, very busy four days (I arrived on the Thursday and left on the Sunday), I will pull out a few highlights of the 2010 CS Lewis Retreat, starting with Malcolm Guite and ending with the C.S. Lewis College!