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2014 C.S. Lewis Summer Conference, July 21-31, 2014, Oxford & Cambridge, England

Thank you for your interest in scholarships to the 2014 Summer Institute. At this point we are no longer offering scholarship aid for the event. 

A limited amount of scholarships have been reserved primarily for the use of those who would not be able to attend the C.S. Lewis Summer Institute without assistance, often including, but not limited to, students, artists, teaching faculty, and those in full-time ministry.

Should you have need of assistance to attend the conference, you are encouraged to submit the following:

  • A letter describing your personal reasons for desiring to attend, what you hope to gain from your attendance, and the specific nature of your need. Also note which type of grant for which you are applying – a tuition grant or a work study grant (see below for details).
  • A copy of your resume or C.V.
  • Two letters of reference, preferably one personal and one professional.

Materials can be sent by email to or by post to

Steven Elmore
C.S. Lewis Foundation
P.O. Box 8008
Redlands, CA 92375

The goal of scholarships is to help supplement an individual’s own financial resources in cases of genuine need. Scholarships will apply to the cost of the Program Fee (not the Registration Fee or other related costs).

Scholarships may be awarded in one of two ways:

  • As basic Tuition Grants.
  • In the form of a Work Study Grant. Work Study recipients assist with staff support on location. Such support may take the form of registration help, ushering, bookstore sales, stage support, afternoon breakout session assistants, or the like. Such work assignments are discussed and agreed upon in advance of the C.S. Lewis Summer Institute.

Please note that you must be fully registered for the Partial Payment (registration fee only) option before you can apply for scholarships. In the event that the amount of scholarships awarded proves to be inadequate to your needs and you decline the award, a full refund of your Registration Fee will be made (if you let us know prior to June 5, 2014; after this date the fee is non-refundable).

In addition, other sources of funding will need to be found should help be needed in meeting the costs of lodging, meals, and transportation.

Questions? Please contact us.