Dallas Willard Memorial Luncheon

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In honor of the passing of Dallas Willard, the C.S. Lewis Foundation will be paying homage to his scholarship and contributions during the scheduled Faculty Forum Awards Luncheon on Saturday at the C.S. Lewis Summer Conference.


Dallas was a long-time friend of the C.S. Lewis Foundation, serving on both the Foundation’s board and the C.S. Lewis College’s Council of Distinguished Fellows.

But far beyond that, Dallas was a personal friend to the Foundation’s President, Dr. Stan Mattson. Their friendship began while both were graduate students at the University of Wisconsin, and lasted up to the present.

Dallas was always a firm supporter of the vision of the Foundation and C.S. Lewis College. In addition to being a generous and faithful donor, he once shared that he prayed for us daily.

Dallas firmly believed that death was “nothing” to the godly, and that what lay beyond it was infinitely great. We can note with joy–but not without sorrow–that Dallas is now a citizen of the Kingdom that he wrote about with such passion.

Dallas positively impacted the lives of many people through his teaching and his books. We are honored to call him a friend, a mentor, and fellow man of God.

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The program committee for the Summer Conference originally asked Dallas a few months ago to attend the luncheon and receive an award honoring his achievements in faith and scholarship. However, due to health concerns, he had to refrain. After his passing, the committee decided to go forward with the awards luncheon in memory of Dallas. An honorary award will be given to his family, Dr. Mattson and others will share words of tribute and memories, and a video will be presented with clips of footage from an interview from a few years ago.


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  1. Dale White

    This is very fitting.

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