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"Finding the Way: C.S. Lewis as Pilgrim Guide in a Pluralistic Age"

We live in a world that is increasingly diverse – customs, philosophies, and religions very different from our own intersect with our lives at a dizzying rate. The results, no doubt, can prove enriching and harmonious. Often, however, the collision of worldviews is jarring and deeply divisive.

fAs followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to share the good news of Christ with others, giving expression to our faith through both word and deed. To affect meaningful and real change, however, we must be willing to understand and live with people of other beliefs while also holding fast to what we know to be true.

How does one achieve this delicate balance between “being in Christ” while living “in the real world”? Join us this summer in beautiful San Diego as we faithfully quest together for answers to this and related questions with C.S. Lewis as our guide. You’ll be glad you did!


Featuring informed lectures by world-class scholars; inspiring performances by superb singers, musicians, and artists; and life-changing worship and fellowship with “Mere Christians” drawn from many traditions – you’ll not want to miss this feast for both mind and spirit at the C.S. Lewis Summer Conference! Register now!



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