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How to Register

To attend the 2022 C.S. Lewis “Oxbridge” Summer Institute, you’ll need to register for tuition/admission both through the C.S. Lewis Foundation and separately for lodging through St. Catherine’s College, Oxford (or alternate accommodations).


Register online using our event registration system through our website. For help or if you have questions, please call 909-389-1155 Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific Time. Admission rates include the registration fee and tuition for the event, along with six meals (four dinners and two receptions).

Scholarships are available. Please read our scholarship page for information and how to apply.

Note: you will need to register for lodging and other meals separately through St. Catherine’s College (see below). Our headquarters for the event, including our main sessions in the mornings and afternoon seminars, will be at St. Catherine’s College in Oxford, UK. Information on accommodations including the booking link (when it is posted) is on our accommodations page.

Admission Fees

All options include a nonrefundable $395 Registration Fee and a partially refundable (see deadlines below) Program/Tuition Fee. These options DO NOT include accommodations.

Conference Rates

Regular Registration Rate
$ 2,590
 – Early Bird Rate (if paid in full by November 19, 2021)
$ 2,440
Student Rate$ 2,190
Faculty / Clergy Rate$ 2,390
Group Rate (per person if bringing 4 or more)$ 2,375
Half Conference Rate (limited availability – see information below for details)TBD

All conference fees are shown in U.S. Dollars.

NOTE: Regular Registration ends on  June 22nd, 2022. Late Registration, if available, begins May 31, 2022 and ends June 30, 2022. After June 30, registration will be Single Session Registration, if available.

What’s Included

The Full Conference tuition options (Regular Registration Rate, Student Rate, Faculty/Clergy Rate, and Group Rates) include:

  • Admission/tuition to morning plenary sessions, afternoon seminars/workshops, evening concerts/performances, and Bag-End Café (after-hours).
  • A total of six meals (four dinners and two receptions) and refreshments during the event.

Not included are accommodations, other meals, air transportation, or anything not listed above in the “what’s included” section.


St. Catherine’s College in OxfordRegistration will be available in fall 2021

Registrants are responsible for the costs of their accommodations, separate from the Registration/Program Fees listed above. Special arrangements have been made for in-college housing at St. Catherine’s College in Oxford. More details on housing arrangements will be posted soon on our accommodations page. Update 12/29/21 – due to new policies put into place during the Covid-19 pandemic, registration for lodging at St. Catz won’t be available until mid-winter 2022. Do note that the C.S. Lewis Foundation does have 120 rooms set aside at St. Catz for our attendees.


Scholarships are available for the 2022 C.S. Lewis Oxbridge Summer Institute – both tuition grants and work study scholarships. Please read our scholarship page for information and how to apply.

Half Conference Rate

We know that scheduling for an event of this length can prove difficult to some attendees. For this reason, we are considering an option to register for half of the event.

If there is enough interest, we will offer a half conference tuition rate of $1475. So that we have enough space for those attending the entire event, this option is limited to a smaller number of registrations.

If you would like to be placed on the list for such an option, please email jbohnert at Please let us know of your interest in the half-conference option, include your contact information, and tell us which half you’d prefer.

If offered, the choices of dates would be

  • First half: July 28 (afternoon check in) – July 31 (evening program)
  • Second half: July 31 (evening check in) – August 4 (evening program)

Caveat: from past experience and feedback, we know that attending only half does come with some disadvantages. Based on attendee feedback, those who attend the first half of the event often feel like they have left their new friends behind and missed out. Those who attend the second half tend to feel like people have already bonded in friendship and they have a harder time getting up to speed. In terms of the theme, the first half of the event tends to be more broad and big picture focus, while the second half tends to focus more on the theme in individual fields and practical modes.

If you are considering this option due to the lower price of entry, we do urge you to consider the grant and work study scholarship options as an alternative to be able to attend the entire event.

Payment Options


We accept payment online, by telephone, and by mail, through the following methods:

  • Check or money order (Make payable to “C.S. Lewis Foundation” and include a note designating the check as payment for Oxbridge 2022.) To do so, register online and choose “check” as your payment option. Send the payment to our mailing address at C.S. Lewis Foundation, P.O. Box 8008, Redlands, CA 92375. We do not receive mail at our physical address in Redlands. Please note that paying by check helps save us a significant amount that is lost to credit card fees – we are a nonprofit organization that relies on individual donors for support and every little bit saved from credit card fees helps in our mission! 🙂
  • Credit Card – We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Credit cards are charged through PayPal as the processing company, but do not require a PayPal account or sign up.
  • PayPal – You may use a PayPal account to pay through our online registration system.

Partial Payments

Due to credit card fees and the extra costs we incur to track, collect, and process partial payments for the conference, we very much prefer to receive payment in full.

If you do wish to make payments for your tuition, please note that any discounted rate above requires payment in full (i.e. one can’t register for the early bird discount and then pay their remainder during the regular registration period).

Scholarship recipients are an exception


Discounted Rates

* Note: group discounts cannot be combined with other discounts. To receive discount, group must register together using the bundle discount on our 2022 Summer Institute online registration page or call us to arrange registration & payment.

Registrants can only receive one discount. Discounts listed above may not be combined. For example, a person can only receive the Super Early Discount or the Student Discount, but not both.

Super Early and Early Bird Discounts require payment in full during the discount time period. If you register during the period, but don’t make payment until after the discount expires, you will not receive the discount.

When registering, you may choose whichever option is applicable and serves you best.

Scholarships and discounts: If you are awarded a tuition or work study scholarship, you will not also receive a discount. You’ll need to register for the full registration rate (not early bird nor super early bird) and choose check in the mail as your payment option. We’ll then award your scholarship, log it in the registration system, and have you make payment on the remaining amount separately at a future date.


Of the Tuition $395 is non-refundable. Due to contractual agreements with our venues, all payments for the remainder of Tuition are fully refundable up to April 10, 2022, 50% refundable from April 11, 2022 to May 31, 2022; and nonrefundable beginning June 1, 2022. Note: if you do need to cancel for any reason, you can transfer a registration to another person (who is not already registered for the event), with no penalty, by notifying us up to the week prior to the event.

St. Catherine’s College has its individual refund policy. Refer to their website for details when you register.

Exchange Rate

As all C.S. Lewis Foundation costs for the event are ultimately due and payable in British pounds sterling to vendors in the U.K., the cost in U.S. currency may be subject to increase due to potential fluctuations in currency exchange rates. Should the cost of the pound rise above $1.70 by July 1, 2022, a pro-rata currency exchange surcharge may be applied.

Travel Insurance

It is strongly advised that C.S. Lewis Summer Institute participants purchase travel insurance to protect themselves from unforeseen events that may impact their travel plans.

Photography/Filming/Information use

By registering for the event, you give your consent to be filmed/photographed during the event for potential use for archival, fundraising, marketing, and promotional productions of the C.S. Lewis Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. If you would like to opt-out, please email us at selmore at and provide us with a note and a headshot photo of yourself so that we don’t inadvertently use your image. Note: we do not share your contact information with outside groups and only will contact you for programs, event, and fundraising related purposes of the C.S. Lewis Foundation. You may opt out from our mailing list at any time by emailing

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