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C.S. Lewis Summer Institute at Oxbridge
July 26 — August 3, 2011

Paradigms of Hope
Transcending Chaos & Transforming Culture


Financial Assistance

A limited amount of financial aid has been reserved primarily for the use of students, artists, teaching faculty, those in full-time ministry, and third world representatives. Should you have need of assistance, you are encouraged to submit the following:

  1. A letter describing your personal reasons for desiring to attend and the specific nature of your need;
  2. Your Oxbridge 2011 Registration Form and $395 Registration Fee.
  3. Two letters of reference, preferably one personal and one professional.

Please note that you must be fully registered before you can apply for financial assistance.  In the event that the amount of financial aid awarded proves to be inadequate to your needs and you decline the award, a full refund of your Registration Fee will be made. 

The goal of financial aid is to help supplement an individual’s own financial resources in cases of genuine need.  Aid will be awarded in the form of tuition (program fee) grants only.  Other sources of assistance will need to be found should help be needed in meeting the costs of lodging, meals, and transportation.  Upon request, we can provide some guidance on ways to reduce these expenses. 

Financial assistance may be awarded in one of three ways: 

  1. As basic Tuition Grants;
  2. In the form of a Scholarship Grant, typically reserved for participants in our choral, dance or other special programs; and
  3. In the form of a Work Study Grant. Work Study recipients assist with staff support on location.  Such support may take the form of helping with morning coffee breaks, ushering, bookstore sales, stage support, dorm assistance, afternoon course assistants, or the like.  Such work assignments are discussed and agreed upon in advance of the Summer Institute.

Questions?  Please contact Elizabeth Fredericks, Oxbridge Financial Aid, at efredericks@cslewis.org  




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