Live Streaming Option for the 2023 C.S. Lewis Retreat

Are you not able to make it in-person for the 2023 C.S. Lewis Retreat? We are offering an option to livestream the retreat. You can still attend from your own home and watch as it happens!

Register for the live streaming option for the retreat and you’ll

  • Attend 9 sessions of the C.S. Lewis Retreat while they are happening (Central time). These include.
    • All of the plenary lectures (3)
    • The artistic performances of Ad Deum Dance Company
    • Your choice of 2 breakout sessions (of the 4 that will be streamed)
    • Sermon
  • Have access to the Whova software during the sessions where you can ask questions during the Q&A portions of lectures and breakouts.
  • Have access to the recordings for three months after the event.
  • Be able to invite your friends or family to watch with you during or after.

Technical Requirements

  • Have internet access and a computer with a speaker (microphone not required) to access Zoom. We will have a special website and phone app (apple or android) with the schedule where you can simply click on the link for each session to watch it live.

Registration & Cost

$147 for the entire Retreat which includes the 3 months of access after the event.


Q: What will I miss by not attending in-person?

A: Great question. Of course you’ll miss the in-person company of our community and the meals. Beyond that, in-person attendees will exclusively be able to:

  • Choose between all 10 live breakout sessions (rather than only the 4 filmed for the online attendees)
  • Attend the optional evening activities (Bag-End Cafe or Sprinklings)
  • Participate in the worship and prayer sessions
  • Participate in optional afternoon Camp Allen offered activities (free or at an extra cost) like skeet shooting, horseback riding, and hiking.
  • Participate in the labyrinth walk/seminar hosted by Christin Ditchfield Lazo
  • Have access to the conference bookstore run by Rebekah Choat
  • Fellowship with friends by the fire or outside surrounded by the piny woods around Camp Allen
  • Have conversations with the conference speakers and have books signed by them.

Q: What is the time zone for the event?

A: Since we are in Texas, near Houston, the event will take place in Central time.

Q: What if i miss a session? Can I watch it right afterwards?

A: Good question. Because we’ll be streaming live as-it-happens, it will take our tech team some time to format, transfer, and re-post each session. Because this is our first time running a hybrid event (we’ve done 100% in-person or 100% streaming), we’re not sure how long this process may take us. So there will likely be a delay after each session concludes of anywhere from a few hours to a few days before the recording is reposted.

However, you will have access to the videos for three months after the conference ends, so you will have plenty of time to watch the sessions if you missed any as well as rewatch with friends or family. Note: you can’t share the link with others, but you can rewatch with your own personal login.

Q: Will I be on camera during the sessions?

A: Because of the nature of streaming the event at the same time we are hosting it live at Camp Allen, you’ll primarily be participating by watching the sessions as they happen rather than being on camera yourself. You’ll be able to interact by commenting in chat, asking questions in the Q&A, or commenting on message boards. So feel free to wear your pajamas, eat meals, and have a cup of your favorite beverage!

(NOTE: please feel free to email with further questions. We will add common questions here as we get closer to the event.

Thank you to our sponsors!