The Sprinklings

Do You Want to be a Sprinkling?

The Inklings were a weekly gathering of gifted writers who met in Lewis’ rooms at Magdalen College or in a particular pub in Oxford, England. They discussed their own literary works, provided mutual support and offered general encouragement to one another.

We are extending our invitation to you to join The Sprinklings as part of your C.S. Lewis Houston experience.

We hope you will come and join us!

What The Sprinklings Have to Offer

  • A feedback session for writers who are serious about improving their work.
  • A fresh perspective.
  • A safe place to try out new ideas.
  • Support, encouragement and motivation to continue your writing journey.
  • A chance to form many lasting relationships with others of similar gifts and passions.

Sprinkling Meeting Procedures

  1. You will be sharing within a small group. Please bring at least five copies of your work – one for another group member to read aloud, one for the Group Facilitator and the rest for your group members.
  2. Our time slot will be divided equally among all participants. For this reason, we recommend you bring no more than 5 typed double-space pages for review and critique to each session. Please note: Due to natural conversations arising with each person, we are not guaranteeing we can completely critique any particular work.

Thank you to our sponsors!